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Q: What is chocolate and where does it come from?

A:  Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao tree that grows in warm and moist climates typically in West Africa. A spelling error a long time ago
         meant that these beans became known as cocoa beans!


Q: What is the difference between milk and dark chocolate?

A:  Dark chocolate is richer as it is made from only cocoa butter and cocoa mass. Milk chocolate is much lighter in texture as it is made from
         cocoa butter, cocoa mass, butter and sugar.


Q: How long do chocolates stay fresh for?

A:  Chocolates from SelectChocolates.co.uk taste their best and are at their freshest for up to nine to twelve months when kept at room temperature.
         Dark chocolates can last up to five years due to the high amount of antioxidants contained it is make up. However the vast majority of our
         chocolate products are clearly marked with a best before date to guide you.


Q: How do I store the chocolates?

A:  Chocolates from SelectChocolates.co.uk should be stored at room temperature which is usually between 15-18 degrees Celsius. We also advise
         that you keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and other heat sources and away from strong odours. We do not advise keeping
         chocolates in the fridge as they may sweat with can cause bloom.

Q: What is ‘bloom’?

A:  When chocolates appear dull or white this is due to blooming which occurs when the cocoa butter used in the chocolate reacts with a
         change in temperature either hot or cold. This only affects the appearance of the chocolates not the taste.

Q: Do you display nutritional information on your products?

A:  The majority of SelectChocolates.co.uk products contain nutritional information on their packaging. Should you require information for a product
         that does not display the nutritional information please contact is directly and we will assist you.

Q: What do the percentages on bars of chocolate mean?

A:  The percentage figure you see on a bar of chocolate refers to the amount of cocoa butter and cocoa solids it contains as a ratio to the other
         ingredients. So a bar of chocolate that states it is 70% mass means that cocoa butter and cocoa solids make up 70% of that bar and the
         remaining 30% is made up of other ingredients.

Q: Are your chocolates suitable for vegetarians?

A:  Yes the chocolate from SelectChocolates.co.uk are suitable for vegetarians.

Q:Do your chocolates contain nuts?

A:  The chocolates from SelectChocolates.co.uk may contain nut traces as they are
          produced on equipment that may have been shared with products that include
         nuts. Therefore we warn customers as a precaution that our products may
         contain nuts.

Q: Chocolate give me migraines, will your chocolates do the same?

A:  Migraines have been associated with the consumption of chocolate due to the cocoa mass ingredient found in milk and dark chocolate.
         Therefore we recommend choosing white chocolates instead.

Q: Do your products contain caffeine?

A:  Yes, the chocolates from SelectChocolates.co.uk contain caffeine as it is a natural ingredient found in the cocoa chocolate is made from. If you
         are sensitive to caffeine we suggest you try white chocolate as it contains less caffeine than milk or dark chocolate.

Q: Can I cook with your chocolate?

A:  Our chocolate is made from a rich chocolate that is hard to melt and needs to be tempered carefully which can be very difficult to do at
         home. Several cooking chocolate brands are available so we recommend that you use one of these instead for cooking.

Q: How To Shop Online?

A:  1. Select a Chocolate Gift
         2. Add a little something extra
         3. Fill in recipient details
         4. Make your gift extra special by adding your own personalised message.
         5. Arrange delivery
         6. Select the delivery date & address including a nominated delivery day.
         7. Fill in billing details

         Secure payment
         8. Select your payment method and fill in your details
         9. Place your order
         After you have completed your first order you can use your email address and password to sign in on future visits to this site

Q: Need some Help?

A:  If you require a very urgent delivery service please call us on 01482 270025 and we shall be more than happy to facilitate you.

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